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WOOO SYDNEY [Oct. 17th, 2010|04:39 pm]
ill admit it.
im complete crap at blogging. last blog was 3 months ago. so here goes another recap.

Ive left melbourne. friends, boyfriend, jobs, apartment(and mailing address :)). Pretty much started a life, but then i decided to switch it up. My car had some issues so after an arm and a leg i got it fixed and drove up the coast to sydney. BUT before i arrived i had an oopsy and checked myself into a hospital. massive abdoman and back pains. so i drove myself there in wollongong (no i didnt make that name up) and hobbled into emergency. about 12 hours later,blood test, urine test, and ultra sound-- i was hopped up on pain killers, couldnt feel a thing, and was told a sist burst. sweeeet, so nothing at all. but they were the best pain killers ever. much appreciated.

so i finished the drive up to sydney. put my car up for sale, and stayed with some friends for a couple weeks. did some couch surfing etc etc and enjoyed lovely sydney :D. car is still not sold...so thats kinda crap. but it will! ill just drop the price. anyways, until the car is sold ill be in sydney. pick up a job or two and make a few dollas. have a few prospects at the moment but ill notify when confirmed. there is TONS of work here.

My lovely friends from melbourne just came up for the weekend, magicdave, emilia and paul. Actually paul came from ireland, so props to him. he leaves back home in a few hours, so safe travels to him. love love love you! He got a tattoo last night! i think it was 1am. it looks real well. We went an a 45min jet boat around sydney harbour, 1/2 price cuz it was kinda rainy. got completley soaked!! it was a sick ride, 180s and 360s and crap. Saw the opera house...AGAIN and the harbour bridge, bondi beach-- the boys stripped to their knickers and jumped in. it was like 5pm and freezing cold ahah. photos to follow. we were stayin in the cross (sydneys redlight district), so its party 24/7. The sexpo in oz is on right now, so we went to the sydney one. paul got his photo with Zahra Stardust-made his weekend. haha. emilia and i got photos with 'hunk mania'- i cant believe we paid to get a photo with beautiful boys. i told the guys they should really be paying to have a photo with me--i meant it. we actually saw 'hunk mania' in the cross later that night. haha guess its the place to be.

we got home at 6am this morning, dave paul and em had to rush to pack their bags to make their flight home. but they arrived all good.

im in a hostel right now, but i might check out different options. current mission is to sell the pajero. plans to thailand have been put on hold-but not cancelled. im looking into rugby union teams to play over here in oz. the season starts in march and goes till august. so until then i will tour nz and queensland and do some touristy things--cuz lately ive been living here, and im gunna switch it up so i travel up the coast more. which means i wont have a mailling address. but when i get one ill let you all know.

much love my friends
Dani xx
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(no subject) [Jul. 7th, 2010|12:08 pm]
[Current Location |Southbank, Melbourne]

Dearest loyal friends and family,
I am terribly sorry to have not updated this sooner!! its been over a month! holy crap-what a terrible blog! okay..ill try and do a quick update for you all just so you know both your lovely spencers are happy and healthy :)

So we have left the farm a while ago, and moved to the big city :) Melbourne is LOVELY! We moved into this share house for travellers. We met some GREAT people, honestly-they were fantastic. The house was holding like 25 ppl. Partys all the time, id come home say at 4am and there would always be people awake. But, as you would imagine from a share house, food was being stolen from the fridges, and the kitchen was always messy, and it was a little chilly because our 'lovely' landlord couldnt be bothered to fix a few things. We were there for probably a month. I (Danica) got a job at an Italian restaurant and a Greek restaurant- working ALL the time it was nuts. Now im just working at the greek restaurant and its so beautiful. The family there is so good, they feed me and pay me and are just great people. James was using his time to do a lot of drawing and getting his art back in gear.

So, as i hope all of you know, James is now back in good old Canada rocking the summer working for papa and making some mula. He will then fly off to Lovely Italy with Lovely Michelle and work and live in Venice. WOO HOOO it's summer there TOO!! I now have a place in southbank (best place to be if you ask me) its 5 min to the main station in melbs and right around the corner from the casino and a wicked irish pub. I live with a brazilian couple and a columbian girl-we have a massive balcony, a pool, gym and a sauna. Im quite happy here and dont wanna leave!! but i know i have to move on from melbourne to see the rest of this beautiful country. so within a month ill take off from melbs, drive up to sydney, sell the car and maybe see a bit of sydney again before going up to brissy. OR head to southeast asia right away. hahah who needs plans anyway....

Well, thats all for now, ive got wifi in the apartment now, so ill keep you updated on worthy stories, and hopefully you all hear from me a little sooner than another 2 months

love and miss you all~
something funny happnened last night
so the restaurant i work at is greek (as told above) and their family is massive and so close. there were about 20 of us sitting around after work for a drink and some cake. and one of my bosses' daughters (age 14)and i were chatting and i mentioned that i missed my puppy and she's like "well here, maybe this will help". she turns to her tiny little 6 yr old cousin and goes " Maddy , Danica is homesick and misses her puppy, will you act like a dog for her?" and maddy crawls over, sticks her hands in front of her jaw (like a rabbit i guess) sticks her tongue out and starts barking. It was by far the most adorable thing ive ever seen. hahahi guess you had to be there, but it was super cute.

anywyas, time to start my day:)
much love to canada,
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Week 3? More like weak 3... [May. 5th, 2010|06:32 am]
[Current Location |Cooriemungle, VIC]

A combination of being distracted by making Pokemon comics and some good old fashioned slacking off has resulted in a rather poor comic count this week. It's actually been well over a week since the last post, but there are comics here, so what are you complaining about.

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Farm Comics: Week Two [Apr. 25th, 2010|03:56 am]

The routine of having a job and living in a house has allowed me to keep up a regular routine of making comics, too!
I've now gone 14 days without missing a daily comic. Okay here they are:

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Farm Comics [Apr. 19th, 2010|11:28 pm]

Started making daily comics about the most interesting parts of my day here on the farm.
I've been keeping them up for over a week now, and here's the first week:

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Unfinished Comics [Apr. 13th, 2010|03:41 am]

Here are some old journal comics that still need finishing... this story starts with a rainstorm:
(oh and I forgot the date... I think it's March 6th)

And then here are 4 pages of our last day in Melbourne before the grape picking week:




Finally, a segue into Farm Comics:

It's driving the tractor, I think.

More farm comics soon.

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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2010|06:15 pm]
[Current Location |Great ocean Road]

I have no idea what the last post is...and im too lazy to check. PLUS i dont wanna sit in maccas forever. sooo, here goes zee quick update!

We left melbourne about a week ago to go make some money up in Mildura. It was the cutest 'small town'. Had a pretty big CBD, but still a small town feel plus lots of farms. Luckily farms are our forte and we got a job pikcing grapes. Too bad we suck at that tho. we were making at best 70 bucks a day. and after food, booze, and 135 mandatory accommodation (even tho we have a car to sleep in)-this really wasnt the place for us. But the week we spent there was super fun. shared a house with 12-15 ppl. and the house next door was the same kinda backpacker deal...we all went to work together and hung out after work. there is a bridge about 300m down the road over the murray river and YES i am invisible and YES i jumped off. later, i found it its super dangerous and not a smart idea, so that was the first and last time. any regrets? NO! muahah, but i did lose my very expensive ring during the jump. Its about a 20 meter drop.

Our landlord was an absolute gangster. she over-charged, and she was really rude and blamed all her 'bad luck' on exterior forces. it was incredibley difficult to try and not get on her bad side. Every night that ppl drank, ppl just trashed the place, because then vicki (landlord) would have to play to fix it. bahaha, everyone hated her.

So, after she scammed some money off us, we took a duvet to even the table a little bit and headed back south to the great ocean road. we are now living in a semi-unfurnished house, with no kitchen. but its FREE FREE FREE!!! woo hoo!! and there is a fire place, and a spring matress and a COUCH!!

We are working on a beautiful dairy farm with 600-700 cows. His land is gorgeous with all the rolling hills and whatnot. We are getting paid like KINGS AND QUEENS, and hopefully will be settled here for 2 months. then we want to head NORTH because it is fall now, and go work on a pearling boat for a month. ISNT IT ALL SO EXCITING?!

james demanded that i upload photos...but i really cant be bothered. NEXT time, i PROMISE!!
much love to everyone, and im switching my phone service to a better, yet more expensive provider so that i have service in my HOME. (i like that word, home:))

We dont know when we will be home yet, i will be here till at least august, and james...well who knows these days, i expect him to stay till at least june. but dont quote me!

<3 since we have an address now, feel free to send us some snail mail because we miss you all so much!
The address is as follows:

950 Boorook Rd.
Cooriemungle, VIC, 3268

We are also accepting homemade cds:)

<3 ta ta!!

oh ps...for those of you who HAVENT worked on a dairy farm...i arrived at work at 5am, and milked nearly 600 cows. all of which love to shit randomly and it sprays everywhere-example my face, hair, and clothes. And fresh cows sometimes dont like to get milked (a vaccum on your tit? how lovely....) so they kick sometimes.
AND i get to ride a fourwheeler everywhere, and feed calves. but thats just my first day. james is practicing stuff on the tractor and milking the evening shift.


okay bye for real!

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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2010|08:14 pm]

Okay Danica wants me to do a real blog post, not just post comics.
She wants me to update you on what's been going on with our trip.
And, she wants me to give a special shout-out to a certain
Is Maggie the most devoted follower of this blog? I think she might be.
Did I spell the C.O. thing right? I sure hope so, I don't know what that is.


We are in Melbourne. It's a city on the south-east coast of Australia.
I like it better than Sydney. Danica likes Sydney better, so you really have to come here and make your mind up for yourself, we can't do everything for you.

What else? We're leaving soon. We've been hooked up with a grape picking job that promises to be hard labour for not much pay.
It sounds awful, but you can't imagine how excited I am just to be making money instead of losing it. I am super broke.

$100+/day sounds good, until you count in the $185/week MANDATORY hostel and transport.
Yes, mandatory, even if you have your own car and you can sleep in it. Go figure.
These people are probably horrible trolls who will spit on us and verbally abuse us while we massage their warty green feet.


A job's a job. On with the comics.
(These are old ones, I might start posting more recent ones soon)

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Better Comics! [Mar. 13th, 2010|06:50 am]

So here's the next day of daily comics... they are getting made way faster than they are getting uploaded, but I don't want to post 25 pages at a time, who could read that many comics, right?

Also: If you are reading and enjoying, please comment! The more praise I get, the sooner I'll post more, that's just basic Pavlov.


I think this has been a complete failure... bear with me...

Also, I am discouraged that a post full of broken image links was the first to get 2 comments...

OH MAN! I can't believe I was stumped by a case-sensitive URL. Stupid internet.
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Did you come prepared to read? [Mar. 1st, 2010|12:07 pm]
[Current Location |Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia]

Who has access to free image editing software?
Why I believe I do! And that feels just awesome.
So to celebrate, I'm posting all the hourly comics I have photographed.
Keep in mind, these comics are from earlier in the month, so... if the jokes seem stale, that might be why.
So just click the link under the first page to reveal HEAPS MORE!

Click this link for NINE MORE PAGES!Collapse )

Oh but don't you worry folks, stuff did start to happen again soon enough and I will post those comics later.
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